The E.N.D.

Every good things come to an end. Same applies to friendships. In my recent case, singular version of it. Thick friendship between I and him has come to an end, I guess. I took all the efforts to talk to him and make things smoother. But the effort seems to be coming from only my side. He is making faces, turning his back to me, being sarcastic to me, avoiding the places where I am, and finally when I wanted to talk, he’s dragging it. So I think this is the time for me to stop making the first moves and follow what my pride says.

The most annoying phrases ever ” SO WHAT?” and “I’M NOT BOTHERED” are his most favourite dialogues ever.  How can I stop retreating when he answers SO WHAT for my questions. Boy c’mon, if you hate me so much, that’s your problem to solve your karma. I dun practice hatred but in the same time I also don’t tolerate rudeness. What you’re showing towards me is Rudeness. Your head has swollen so big that you’re an ARROGANT person now. If you think i should be tolerating your rudeness and beg you for your friendship, tonnes of SORRY’s to you. I’m your Friend not your damn GIRLFRIEND!

Hurt or getting used to it?

            Sometimes it dawns on me why must I be freaking sensitive. Or is it because I care too much? Or does it just meant to be that way? What I’m aware is I’m truly hurt of what you did and said. I may be sarcastic at you sometimes but wasn’t it the way it always was? But you applied too much of sarcasm at the inappropriate times. I was the only one who contradicted the way you lead things. So I became your demon. And I end up sulking because I belong to the sex which has the licence to cry.

            You needed so many other friends to convince you that talking to me won’t be a waste of time. You showed maximum sarcasm when I approached you. Worse still you turned your back to me. How am I supposed to speak with the back of a person? It doesn’t have ears, don’t you know? If loving her is your priority, then having my brothers as my heroes is mine. I would say mine is even bigger.

            I’m sorry for: questioning your beliefs, belittling your love, being sarcastic, beating you several times, having the confidence that you’ll be there for me no matter what, praying for your success, sharing my little secrets with you, never showing my frustration to you, being such an egoistic person, and for being extremely naïve with your friendship. I apologize for all except for being angry with you about my brother matter.

            Intentionally or not, your actions and words hurt me nearly to the core of my heart. It may never be the same again. Like the days when we used to chat about totally nothing, spend the day in the café, or just the small arguments that we normally have. Because sometimes I’m amazed with my memory power.