Who said orange is the new Pink? Pink is always The One. I face my Doodle,the pink panther every morning without failing and trust me, I have much better days than others. Yes, I was dumped by my first ever boyfriend and that wasn’t the best that happened to me. But do you know that I missed giving Doodle a peck when I was about to leave my room? No, you don’t. Because nobody does.  Be it or not, it’s him who was with me all the time whenever i felt like drowning my room with tears. Who else would listen to me bitching and praising the same person for 8 straight hours? Only my dearie Doodle.

I’m not late today, thankfully. Something tells me don’t be the normal Aura girl. So I dressed in a white top and blue overall, the tighter one different from the apron-like piece. Since high heels are a no-no for my back (I’m very health consious), I opted for the Nike shoes I bought for my last birthday. Yes, also in blue. Hair tied up in two pigtails, I left with my pink sling bag clinging on my shoulders.

What is dressing sporty yet walking to the station? So i run instead. Running to the elevator, I realized I didn’t take my breakfast so I better conserve some energy for later use. I reached the station in 10 minutes time, as usual. I looked for my Gucci purse and took out some coins and withdrawed a Crunchie from the vending machine. Chocolates boost us very in the morning, don’t they?

Unlike every other days, today something tells me to sit on the marble bench and look around. Well, observing morning train takers is interesting. We can see young teens with their partners, peer groups, working adults and some alone like how I travel everyday. This time someone caught my attention. Someone who looks like he doesn’t belong here. 

He is the type of guy you would want to look at despite the fact that staring is rude. Just like when you were a giggling teen once upon a time, you know your Mom will never approve the guy yet you want him as your boyfriend. Your friends will whoohh when you tell to them that he asked you out. Your enemies in college will bitch about you right at your face and you can see the fire of jealousy in their eyes. You hate soccer but you’ll be cheering for him in the Inter-College Soccer Competition. Your parents and lecturers say it’s infatuation but you believe it’s love. Cupid has striken you!

Snapping back to reality, I realize there’s something more about this guy. I’m no more a high school goer, am I? So I can’t be holding on to the infatuation thingy. This is life, man. No such thing as love at first sight. So Mr Suitcase, can you please walk pass by me again?


I’m busy = I have other better things to do

Can studying tire me as much as it did today? I don’t know how long do i have spend on reading Biology till I’m satisfied that I’m prepared enough. Getting a C+ in previous exam did bring in some sense into my head but only thing is it took quite a lot of time. I got the enlightment only when it was stil 2 more weeks to go. It must have something to do with my genes. Or maybe it’s just my dumbness. Ouch! It hurts to call myself a dumb.

What next? Cursing Einstein and Newton eh? For physics, I’m definitely going to blame everyone and everything else but never my brain. Mine is just not Physics mind and I’m clear with it. So failure in understanding Physics has NOTHING to do with me. I have totally nothing to do with the apple that fell on Newton’s head. Or the bulb that took 200 steps to be lit by Edison. Guess i got the facts right. oh whatever.

Well, I’m not in a very good mood either. Not entirely cause of Exams, but of others taking Others for granted. I mean what kind of people call others as BEST FRIEND but only turn to the so-called BEST FRIEND when they have problems. They only respond to the BEST FRIEND when they were lonesome, but when they’re okay with their life and they have others to accompany them, they just forget the BEST FRIEND and use the most lame excuse ever : I’M BUSY. No fcuking bussiness can keep you from saying a mere Hi IF you really care.

The base thing is CARE. If you REALLY care, nothing will stop you. Only when you’re avoiding the person, you’ll look up for all kinds of LAME reasons. Pur-leezz,Get a Life! Don’t promise you’ll be there just because you want the person to stick with you. Be sincere in whatever you say and do. Even if you’re harsh and done out of sincerity, it will be appreciated one day. But hypocrism will hurt those who loves you so much.

Even love can make us blind. Some of us are willing to be blindfolded so that we won’t be able to see things. Flawless unconditional love is what we all seek. But be sure whether your significant other is really worth it. Willing to be stepped on is a sign of  disrespect towards yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, trust me nobody else will. Giving too much without wanting to gain even a pinch is definitely an act of willing to be stepped on. Only God can unfold your blindness.

May god bless you, my friend.


Feel like reaching him

I can’t see him being like this. Depressed, frustrated, trying his best to hide his sorrow. He is the icon of strength. He always seem to be the Big Bro. Yet now he’s in grief and the worse part of it is, he is not voicing it out. Maybe he feels that he’s not that close with anyone here, or he is like that, prefers to bottle up his problems.

I wish i can reach for him and give him a warm hug ensuring that me and others will always be there for him. I don’t what made me like him so much but he earned a respectful place in my heart. He has the ability to make people laugh, joke around, and amazingly think so differently. Usually jokers lack the thinking part, but he’s an exception. He thinks about things that don’t even cross our minds.

*If not for him, I wouldn’t have known it’s called Sirius*

HAppy DEepavali!

It’s Deepavali again. This year Deepavali feels really different than previous years. What with me being home only a week before Deepavali and not being able to help out my parents. We didn’t make cookies, kolam, much decors a home etc. Well, it’s a sign I’m growing up and start to leave my nest. Honestly, I miss my days at home and I don’t want to leave but not everything happens according to our liking.

I’m being so traditional today. Anyone from my social group sees me today,they definitely going to give the raised-eyebrow-look. Like how Suresh looked me up and down in temple. I’m not complaining cuz i like being like this too.Again my split personality thing takes place. Thavani, matching jewelleries, kolusu, jasmines, bangles etc. Only thing missing is long plaited hair. =)  But never in my life i’m gona keep long hair again. Pheew! * unless u assure me I’m gona get HIS attention*

What I love about Deepavali?

1.  SHOPPING ~ like durh! Having shopping as my sport, my legs don’t seem to know the meaning of tired. I love walking up down the escalators and stairs ( elevators are out cuz shopping is burning calories remember? ) and empty my dad’s wallet.

2. BAKING ~ I fancy neither cooking nor baking but just for Diwali I love it when Mom brings down the second stove and start making cookies. Her dream kitchen will be in hell of a state yet that’s one of the best part of festive season.

3. CARDS ~ Purchasing cards, writing in them, and putting them into the post box. These are my major jobs at home when it comes to Deepavali.  This Deepavali is an exception though.

4. DECORATING ~ Major part of it is putting kolam. especially Rangoli.

5. BALIK KAMPUNG ~ Travelling to Kampar on the next day cuz that’s our family custom. Meeting all my couzies and having fun with them. Even though we don’t have contact for a year, but we still get along quite fine when we meet that once in a year. Weird.

6. MOVIE ~ Going for movie for each Diwali is a MUST. It’s never complete without watching newly released movie(s) in big screen. This is due to having a movie buff as my Dad.

7. ANGPOW ~ nobody can deny  this. I will definitely miss this when i start working. So that means i still have 6 more Diwalis to go.

8. MUTTON ~ i simply LUVE mutton!

When crush changes into lurph..

I know this is a crappy post. But i feel like shouting this to the world and blogging seems to be the best option. My crush on HIM has thickened and thickened and it’s going to evolve into L.O.V.E. I don’t know whether this for good or otherwise but I’m just crazy bout HIM!

HAPPY DEEPAVALI! with all the crackers bursting around my neighbourhood and my phone ringing it’s reminder tone, I’m happily saying HE gona appear any time soon. muah!