My first time modelling =)

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Even though it was just for heels yet it felt so nice posing like a model. Plus it was for footwear!!



Mr Rama’s Birthday

31 October. Mr Rama’s birthday. His 54th birthday must have been one of his unforgettable one. B3 citizens contributed to buy him a cake and we had a small celebration in the class today. Of course he didn’t expect this and like I always say, unexpected surprises stumble us. We sang song for him and cut the cake. Then the next 75 minutes were so fun. Mr Rama has always a special place in my heart. From the first day I came to AIMST (Maths was the first ever class I entered when I came here) he grew on my already. Smart intelectual people always end up admired by me. Plus he’s a superb Mathematician. Although everyone in the class were so scared to utter a word to him, I was more than willing to argue with him bout real numbers. Days after days I liked his way of teaching so much.

When I had some problems with my so-called friends here, I knew the most accurate thing I did was to talk to Mr.Rama about what was bothering me. He even predicted that I wasn’t completely alright even before I start opening up. Such an observant person. And the mini speech he gave today was too true. I know he said that to make some people realise what is real friendship and how important friends are when we’re in uni and away from home. He made me smile in agreement with each and every word that he uttered.

” Relationship is something very beautiful but broken one can make you hurt so deeply that you tend to neglect other important things in your life. So make friend with everyone and when you really can balance things, then commit yourself into one. “

” Friends must be like our two hands. When the right hand is not aware, left hand must immediately come to help. They don’t think, so must be Friends”

” Never expect gratitude because they leave you anticipated”

The cake we bought for Mr.Rama

Good Sunday

It’s good Sunday because this is the first Sunday we have Sanjay staying back. On normal weekends, he would be back to his Momma and be here only on Sunday night. But this week is an exception. And of course we made fun of that fact too. =) Well, we’re determined to embarass each other to the max. That’s why Thivi always bullied by the whole Bunch. I’m just starting to love people around me. Especially the Bunch. We’re like a big bunch of grapes. We have fun together, eat together, laugh together and when we have problems, we share it together. Yes, I did realise that. When Adri had some insecurities, she came up to me, Dhanny, Thivi and Gangie. Talking to us did change some things and now she’s more confident to move around. When I had some issues, I seeked Thivi and Gangie’s shoulders, and trust me they helped me to the max. Now, Dhanny is having some crisis, and I really hope talking to us decreased her burden and gives her the believe that we’re there for her. And for Sanjay, we’re all being very happy for him. Whatever happens, we’re there for him. Poo also confesses he will help all of us as much he can. You see, this is what we call as true friendship. We be there for each other in times of fun and sorrow. Coming to AIMST has definitely gained me more than what i lost.

Now I’m starting to consider of continuing my degree programme here. Going abroad is also in my mind but seeing so many good souls here and the welcoming environment, I feel like why not consider. Plus my mom really wants me to stay, she can’t bear being so far away from me. So let’s see what happens and for sure I thank God for all the good things that he’s given me.

US <— Adri,Gangie,Thivi,Rat,Dhanny,Nisha [ right after the Cultural Show ]

SAnjay the Ji   <— Sanjay, my closest guy friend who is apparently quite famous in my page

Adrina!   <— Adrina and me.. This girl is just too sweet and adorable. I never got the chance to be close to her till term.. And i’m glad that i’m not too late..

Roses <— Us..the girls who accompanied me in cheering and screaming during the show. Esp Dhanny who did that very very well..Real party animal.. =) and somehow i like this pic alotz! it looks so damn perfect..

TV Toshiba Bomba <— Akka and Thambi promoting our most used phrase : TV Toshiba Bomba 40″…Only they know how much they laughed when they wrote this and blocked Thiviya from approaching the board. And yeah i know too since i was just next door listening their  noises..

BOB  <— Machoman of the Bunch, BOB the Nakkiran.. wearing Dhanny’s glasses.. really macho na? too bad, he’s taken already.. =)



Another Different Weekend in AIMST

Last week Saturday was a blast as we a bunch hung out together in the carnival from morning till late evening. This week Saturday was also another different event. It wasn’t as fun as the Carnival but it was not to be complained though. Yes, it was full with frustration till dinner. Things were complicated, and as usual it was because of my unwanted thoughts and too far-fetched assumptions. I think it’s because of my distrust on people, i tend to become emotional when my closed ones seem to have some changes in them. Something like insecurity. Because i realise I’m being who I am now NOT because of myself alone. I was moulded into this kind of person by people around me, my loved ones, my closed ones, people who dislike me, and some circumstances in life. So I will definitely be affected more less abit by changes that take place around me.

It was terribly hard for me to open up and say those things to Sanjay and Thiviya. It’s just not in my norm to just spill to others especially my inner fears, let alone crying [and later admitting it]. Yet something made me to do it. It WAS NOT for sympathy, but I just felt like being a bit human for once after so long. Express what i feel honestly. And i’m very glad that i did. I felt way better after talking to Thivi earlier, and now of course very the good.  Thivi is sounding like my inner voice, some of her questions are those that i’ve been avoiding for ages. She seems so practical just like me. So when practical meets practical, things get too true and leaves me speechless. Makes me wonder how things will be IF i be honest with my family as well.

Now leaving that aside, today we watched Deepavali Cultural Nite 07. Although it was held in the cafetaria, but that show was a super success. We did wonder why must they held it in an open space, but that’s the whole point of it actually. Since it’s free they wanted every single person to enjoy the show. So that we get the Deepavali spirit in the AIMST air. The show was magnificient. Okay it didn’t have the goddy lights and stuff but it was still energetic listening to the songs. Most importantly, the groups they called in to perform were terrific. Like the hip hop gang  in orange, they were like a big fat WOW! The boys were so cool and delivered a magnificient show. Another group was the boys who danced for Adra Rama and Jalsa. They were definitely cute and their choreography was superb. The two girls who danced Bharathamnatyam were terrific too, except that the perfomance during the Carnival was more entertaining than today’s.

Quite a few students sang songs. DEV was the main attraction for us since he’s like representating Foundation Apr’07. And he was really good at singing. We were clapping like mad for him. Dhaniya, Thivi, Gangei and I were cheering like mad and enjoyed being together so much. Only thing missing was FLOOR DANCE. They had songs but the stupid lights were still on.You cant expect me to dance while the lights are on, can you? I was fighting off my enthusiasm to dance. And later I got over it by taking lots and lots of pictures. Posing here and there. Once a poser, always a poser eh? 




Taken for granted?

One of the worst things in life is being left out by our own peer group. In this case by our own best friend. I duno whether he considers me as his close friend, but I really do. From the bottom of my heart. If being honest and completely truthful was the mistake, then I’m not going to repeat the same mistake again. I’ll just keep quiet whenever you ask me opinion. I’ll answer your questions just like how others will answer. Cuz it seems like that is what stopping you from telling me. Something important is happening in your life and I’m the last one to know? It hurts when once upon a time, you were one of the first person(s) to know when I was totally in love and stuff. I told you stuffs that I have never opened to anyone else. But you’re treating me like I’m nothing to you. I don’t know why, but I cant ignore you. Maybe that’s me after all, my weakness that makes people walk upon me.

Crying itself is considered embarassing, let alone crying for something stupid and to be more accurate crying for someone who just don’t care is just too silly. Crying on Thiviya’s shoulders was more than a great help though. She was so keen in cheering me up and I can’t help but love her more each and every day. Talking to Arshia made me come back to the reality and think about the next step. Not just indulging in sorrow. Gal, u really can be a good counsellor. The path you gona choose is just right,trust me. Jealousy is not a question here but i feel left out. That’s the bitter truth No.2 since the Bitter Truth No.1 happened few weeks back.


Maths Nightmare

I’m mourning, that’s the reason behind the colour of my font. Maths paper was super tough. OR I didn’t prepare well. OR I panicked. The final one was more proven because I can’t even do the first differentiation question. Rat,u betta wake up gal. I must keep on reminding myself that I’m NOT a freaking genius photocopy minded girl. I need to sit and study and remember what i read. And with these few things in mind, I can hardly concentrate. If only I can get on with the diagnosis stuff and come out bravely. -.-

I’m reminding myself again and again and again that NEVER put in trust in anyone yet.People change so fast in the name of Love. Maybe for them it’s insignificant but for others who really care, it means alot and when it’s gone, it hell hurts. I don’t know whether I can take it or not cuz I’m no more the usual Rathi like how I used to be. Things happened for the past few weeks and months, and news that I get are going to change my perspective of life. More or less, it will affect me.

I’m feeling so sleepy now. Dozing off oredi…

Tired with Flu

Everyday it’s raining here in Semeling. It’s like a daily routine and I’m getting a feeling that I’m in London [ just because of the weather NOT the place!] It’s such an ideal weather to SLEEP all the time. I wish i can just hibernate. Maybe that’s what I’m going to do this weekend. Oh ya, I have Bio class on Saturday but my evil mind is thinking of skipping anyway. She’s just going to run like a bullet train and leave me wondering behind. I’m still way behind with my revision. Even in Maths. aarrrghh!! I’m going to have Math Quiz on Friday and I’m NOT prepared at all!!

And of all times, now I got this stupid flu! You know how much I’ll suffer if i have it. Plus our classes are in the Freezer Faculty. Going to take Nan Juice as much as i can swallow so that I’ll be perfectly fine so0o0on.

Just gotta tell you, my bus is on the 2nd Nov,Friday. I’ll chow right after class ends at 1.30 p.m. I just can’t wait to hop into the bus and after the 3 hours, I’ll be meeting my Horcruxes. I just love to call them that way since it gives the meaning that they’re my souls. Yeah, I’ve ripped my soul into few portions and this time it’s for something good rather than Voldy-ish. The moment Sri Maju bus exits the Jelapang toll and enters Ipoh town, I’ll be just too excited. You know what, I simply love the sensation I get whenever I go back to my hometowns. The feeling is unbeatable. And the back-home-peace I get in SSU is also unbeatable. Big B,Anna and Hasvene: Here I come! We gona have a blast time since I missed you guys so0o0oo0o damn much!!

Nothing beats the bond between us! Hasvene and ME!                 My Soul brother and me!      Love him more than anything else in my life